Health Tourism

Health Tourism

Health Tourism

                                                                                                HEALTH TOURISM


Recently, people have been traveling to different countries to both get a better treatment for their health and to perform their treatment at lower prices in terms of cost. In terms of health, the travels of people to perform their treatments in other countries are called Health Tourism. Mobility in health tourism has also enabled health institutions to grow and develop.


Medical Tourism

Thermal Tourism

Disabled Tourism

Senior Tourism


MEDICAL TOURISM: It is also called medical tourism. Medical tourism is a person's visit to another country for treatment purposes only. There are many reasons why people prefer other countries in terms of health. Factors such as the fact that the treatment is very expensive in their own country, that the health costs are not covered by health insurance or only very few are covered, that hospitals and facilities are limited in their own countries, long waiting lines and poor quality of health services increase the demand for other countries. In addition, people look at the conditions of the country they will travel to, the treatment and rehabilitation conditions.


In order for medical tourism to develop in a country, the health services of that country must be better than the health standards of the individual's country of origin. With medical tourism, you can be treated and operated at better standards in the country you want.


THERMAL TOURISM: It is known that people have been able to solve some of their ailments with thermal water resources since ancient times. Today, this is more developed and is also popular in terms of tourism. Recently, thermal tourism has developed and manifested itself in the form of SPA, seaweed treatment, mud baths, massages and treatments with healing stones. SPA means goodness from water, and Wellness means mind and body vitality. SPA & Wellness tourism, which has been especially popular in recent years, is located in many chain hotels in our country and is very popular. Turkey is in an important place in terms of both its geographical location and services in thermal tourism.


Anti-Aging applications are also common in recent years. With anti-aging, events such as healthy aging, control of aging, hormonal irregularities are controlled, and these are handled separately for men and women. In this way, aging is controlled. Anti-Aging applications are events such as antioxidants, massage, exercise, aromatherapy, acupuncture, hypnosis.

DISABLED TOURISM: According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 10% of the societies are people with disabilities. In some societies, people with disabilities are still seen as a lower class. Today, almost everything is designed in such a way that disabled citizens can also use it. Providing convenience in transportation has paved the way for people with disabilities to travel to other countries and regions, to be treated wherever they want, and to go to the rehabilitation center they want.


It is among the most important principles of barrier-free tourism that the designs in the regions can be used by people with different disabilities, are suitable for people's abilities, are easy to understand, easy to use, and to minimize the dangerous consequences that may occur by accident.


ELDERLY TOURISM: The biggest problem in developed and developing countries is the increase in the elderly population. The increase in the elderly population has brought with it the necessity of the productive population to work. Accordingly, elderly individuals cannot be cared for in the home environment and have to receive care from outside. Nursing homes, where ideal and active living conditions are provided for the elderly, continue their activities by increasing their activities today. However, nursing homes in every country do not appeal to people in terms of cost, service and time and are often insufficient. In this context, elderly individuals prefer countries where conditions are much better and they want to spend the rest of their lives in such ideal nursing homes.


In order to give them the best return for what they did in the productive time period of today's elderly, they are now doing what they could not do within their own structure by allowing them to send them to other countries.


Opportunities that our country can provide regarding elderly care;

Rehabilitation and treatment priority elderly care

Elderly care with chronic diseases

Thermal period elderly care

Healthy elderly care

is in the form.


Developed countries need to take steps to achieve healthy aging and develop serious policies on this issue. In other words, efforts should be made so that our elderly people can comfortably carry out their retirement days, treatment and rehabilitation wherever they want.


Our country; The fact that health service costs are lower than in many countries, its climate, geographical location, and educated and high-level health workers ensure that health tourism is at the forefront. The more health-related activities in a country, the more tourists enter that country in every month of the year. In this context, health tourism has an important place in the development of that country, especially in recent years.

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