Thermal Health Tourism in Turkey

Thermal Health Tourism in Turkey

Thermal Health Tourism in Turkey

                                 THERMAL HEALTH TOURISM IN TURKEY


We know that thermal and mineral waters, which have come from ancient times to the present, are very important for human health and are used. In ancient times, people used thermal waters to provide relaxation, health, treatment and wellness.


Turkey has the best spa and geothermal facilities in terms of geographical location. With this feature, it is the 1st country in Europe. In addition, the temperature, physical and chemical properties of these thermal waters are ideal in terms of health. Many of the resources in Turkey have natural origins and their values ​​such as minerals, salt and sulfur have very good health values. At the same time, the usage period of these resources in Turkey is much longer than in other countries. This increases the importance of thermal tourism in Turkey.


Afyon, Denizli and Aydın are the provinces with the highest thermal springs in Turkey. As a region, Aegean, Marmara and Central Anatolia are the places where the hot springs are concentrated. The increase in thermal health facilities in Turkey in recent years, its climatic advantages and natural beauties have made it a preferred country not only for holiday tourism but also for thermal health tourism.


Icmeler offers healthy living spaces to people with steam baths, hot water baths and activities such as exercise and massage. Within the scope of thermal health tourism, there are physical therapy, rehabilitation, diet, psychotherapy, mud baths, hot water baths applications.


Quality thermal water should have a temperature higher than 20 degrees and contain enough minerals. Thermal waters are healing resources that should be used not only by patients but also by healthy people. Today, while people prefer thermal facilities, they prefer other countries with different climates and characteristics than their own. As a result, thermal health tourism spreads widely.


According to scientific studies conducted in recent years, it has been stated that thermal therapy is used in many diseases, especially in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and dermatological diseases. At the same time, popular applications such as wellness, anti-aging, anti-stress and fitness, which strengthen the immune system of people, prevent aging and stress, are also discussed in thermal tourism. The demand for these facilities is very high especially recently.


Individuals over the age of 50 are more active in thermal tourism. When these individuals get sick, they turn to preventive treatments rather than the idea of ​​being treated, and interest in thermal tourism has increased. This event brought the concept of Wellness to the fore. People who feel the need to stay fit, especially the aging European population, want to receive more thermal cure services. However, recently, much younger individuals also prefer thermal tourism for treatment and rehabilitation. Because the best treatment is the natural one.


Thermal waters are used in the treatment of many diseases. These include cardiovascular diseases, respiratory system diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, skin diseases, rheumatic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic diseases, gynecological diseases, neurological diseases.


Sea cures called Thalassotherapy, which has become widespread recently, have been the focus of attention of people. This method is a treatment system made with a combination of seaweed, sea mud, sea water and many other substances obtained from the sea under medical supervision. That's why Thalassotherapy centers are established only on the seaside. Thanks to thalassotherapy sea ingredients and plenty of sun, body and face care programs provide the body and mind to be renewed and revitalized, and to have a more beautiful, young and lively body. Thanks to this treatment, the metabolic rate increases and the body takes in more minerals faster. As a result of accelerated metabolic activities, toxins are excreted from the body, fat destruction accelerates and the body weakens in a healthy way.


Thermal tourism, which has an important place in health tourism, is still under development by the Ministry of Health and is a form of tourism that people will demand even more. In line with these demands, Turkey is developing itself rapidly and increasing the use of existing resources.

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