Medical Health Tourism in Turkey

Medical Health Tourism in Turkey

Medical Health Tourism in Turkey

                                      MEDICAL HEALTH TOURISM IN TURKEY


Medical tourism, which includes medicine, surgical procedures and dentistry, is the travel of a person to another country other than his/her own country in order to be treated for any of these. Individuals prefer countries that are not in their own countries, which have more favorable conditions for some of their treatments in terms of cost or length of waiting time.


What distinguishes medical tourism from other types of health tourism is that travel to another country takes place not only according to one's own will, but according to necessity. People who travel to other countries for this purpose are called medical tourists.


Turkey, which is at an important point in the world tourism movements, is among the first places among the preferred countries thanks to its quality health services, price advantages, trained manpower, health insurance support, and its geographical location and climate. The most striking event in Turkey is the high number of health institutions whose accreditation has been completed.


Turkey has sufficient infrastructure in medical tourism. Since health services are quite expensive in some countries, people in these countries prefer Turkey in terms of health. Some countries, on the other hand, have too many Turkish citizens, so it is important for these people to know the conditions in Turkey and to direct people here. Infrastructure and service shortages in some countries also make Turkey their choice in medical tourism. In some regions, the presence of long waiting periods for treatments makes Turkey stand out in health tourism.


Medical services implemented in Turkey;

Operations (such as eye, tooth)

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Aesthetic and plastic surgery operations

IVF and microinjection applications

is in the form. The reason why the citizens of other countries prefer Turkey, especially for aesthetic dental and heart diseases, is both the availability of quality health services and the fact that they can get them done at a more affordable price than their own country, mostly in terms of cost. Citizens of most countries perform some surgeries and treatments in health institutions in Turkey, saving 70-80% compared to their own countries. In addition, waiting times are much shorter than in their own countries. Health tourists coming to Turkey from other countries can both have their treatment and have a holiday.


The success rate in IVF and microinjection applications is also quite high in Turkey. Compared to European countries, the success rate in the first attempt is higher and this is one of the reasons why Turkey is preferred.


The availability of advanced devices used in the diagnosis and diagnosis of cancer in Turkey, the fact that cancer treatments are started in a shorter time compared to many other countries and that they are realized at lower costs make Turkey an attractive country.


In aesthetic operations, the cost in Turkey is almost half of the European countries. Since many aesthetic surgeries are performed in Turkey in very good conditions and cheaper, citizens of other countries come to Turkey both to benefit from these opportunities and to have a holiday.


Turkey, which has doctors, employees and hospitals providing world-class services, continues to develop itself in medical tourism. Studies for this purpose have gained momentum in recent years. People return to their countries both satisfied and happily after treatment and vacation.

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